I’m very much an introverted person. I like my own company more than I should and I’m not keen on social situations that have more than a handful of people attending them. I don’t like being the center of attention, I feel the most productive when I’m by myself and I find social gatherings quite exhausting and need a couple of days to recover from them.

And I’m an Instagram Influencer. It seems like I picked the wrong job to be in, huh?

Yes and no.

Most of the people in my community/circle class themselves as introverts. Having an online…

As many of you are aware I graduated a few years ago and still haven't got a ‘proper job’. For many students, that means the end of student life and off into the big wide world of 9–5 ‘proper jobs’. But that life wasn’t for me. There’s nothing wrong with it, of course, it just wasn’t the life that I wanted.

Let’s go back in time to May 2019, the month before I graduated. I had a meeting with one of the lecturers about my assignment, and in this meeting, we discussed what I was planning to do after graduation…

I’m going to share an experience with you because it is something that still perplexes me and I feel that sharing it will help me gain some clarity and shine a light perhaps on how young women are treated. It’s a story about me and a stately home (I’m not going to mention which one) and it happened when we (my mum and I) were taking photos for Instagram some time ago.

And to put it in context, I had contacted the people who owned the place, got their permission to shoot there and they had given me a media…

The most annoying thing my co-workers do is try and sit on my lap

I’m very proud of the fact that I make money as an online creator and I also realise that I’m incredibly lucky. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s hard work I love. Working for yourself has a whole lot of benefits, including being able to work from home.

Here are the things I love most about working from home:

1. I get to decide how I work

If a routine is no longer working for me, then I can change it. If I want to change my working hours, then I can. Heck, I could stay in bed all morning and only work…

Quietness is not a bad thing.

Growing up, I was the quiet kid. I was the child who liked to be alone in my own little world, the one who hated group work, didn’t like talking to people I didn’t know and didn’t participate in class unless I was forced to do so. Every parents evening, I was met with the same statement every time “she’s a great student but…) (oh the infamous ‘but’) “she’s very quiet. She needs to speak up more in class.”

And I remember it feeling like an insult.

My quietness quickly became something I was insecure about, but it wasn’t something…

Surely we are all capable of imagination and ideas

On Instagram we seem to talk a lot about creativity, about being creative and about getting more creative. I often have people tell me I’m creative or comment how creative my posts are, sometimes I agree with their comments and sometimes I wonder what they are talking about. There are many courses on creativity and even creativity coaches, but what is creativity?

I have to say that I’ve never really seen myself as creative. I would say I have a creative job, I live creatively I even refer to myself as creative, on good days at least, but am I?

One thing that makes me both laugh uncontrollably and extremely angry in equal parts is mansplaining. In one way or another, at some point in a woman’s life, a man will give her unsolicited advice on a subject that they think they know more about. 99% of the time, they definitely don’t even know a fraction of what the woman knows.

Now men, I know what you’re thinking “I’m just trying to be nice and helpful, GOSH women are so touchy these days you can’t say anything without offending anyone. Bloody feminists, we can’t do anything right!” or something along…

I recently read the book Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee and it sparked a passion in me that I didn’t know I had. In this book, Ingrid talks about cases where colour has dramatically effected people’s mindsets. Like how simply painting a building a bright colour turned a rough neighbourhood completely upside down, and how colourful school hallways in a high school improved the student’s learning.

I became deeply, deeply fascinated by colour. I started to wonder about the type of effect colour would have on me if I started introducing more colour into my life. …

The influencer industry gets a lot of stick. Especially recently. I can think of no end of articles that are constantly bashing Influencers, who are mostly young woman, who make a living for themselves. But what I find hilarious about these articles, and some of the comments, is that they make a lot of assumptions about us as people. Most of these assumptions don’t apply to me. So I’ve curated a list of the assumptions I hear about most and whether I think they are true or not.

(You can find my Instagram account here)

Just a few disclaimers here…

1. It’s so much more than just taking a bubble bath.

You can have all the bubble baths in the world, but once you get out you will still feel exactly the same way if you don’t do real work on yourself. Candles help, but they aren’t going to solve anything other than a bad smell.

2. It’s not about loving everything about yourself, it’s about loving yourself as a whole.

Of course, you’re not going to love everything about your personality or your appearance. I don’t like that I can be lazy and I’m not a huge fan of my broad shoulders. But I can appreciate them. My sometimes laziness makes me really appreciate when I’m feeling productive and my broad shoulders are a reminder…

Bronte Huskinson

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